A.C. TYRE BRAKE is specialized in manufacturing and supplying brake disc & drum for all kinds of vehicles since 2001. Our main markets include North American, Europe, Oceania, South America, Middle East etc. ANLUBAO brake disc is our brand name.

Being responsible is our business conception, in order to provide high quality product, we do the controls as below:

Raw Material Quality Control:
  To ensure that all the incoming raw material meets the standards, every single lot of raw material received are inspected and tested both physically and chemistry by quality control department.

Products Design Quality Control:
 New products are designed through CAD. Only after trial manufacturing, evaluating and finalizing the design can a new kind of product be put into production.

Processing Quality Control:
  Compiling strict technique files, operating carefully, keeping the equipment in good condition is the key to ensure the quality to meet the standards.

Finished Products Quality Control:
Adopting advanced inspecting and testing equipment, we put 100% of our products under strict inspection according to corresponding abroad standards to realize the reliable quality.

After-sale Service:
  CUSTOMER FIRST has always been our motto. We supply best products together with same best service to our customers. We also supply technical consultation and are responsible for quality thoroughly.

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